Mar 27, 2019

Mobile home on land

Sam Parkins
Sam Parkins, Bought and sold over 250 mobile homes and transport them too

That’s like saying would you like to buy the car or would you like to buy the car AND the car lot with it?
This is a tough question to answer without further information or the ability to ask follow up questions. That said, reading the question at face value my assumption of what you ask is paraphrased as the following: Is it worth buying a home on a lot when you wouldn’t necessarily buy it otherwise? There are many ways to answer. Below are many points, most differentiating based on the root of the question.
  1. It’s always more valuable to own the land under which a home sits.
  2. If you have nothing else you’re considering purchasing, then yes, without question it is better to buy the land AND home instead of just the home.
  3. The land makes the land/home combination more valuable as it has value. It does not necessarily make the home itself more valuable. You still want to vet the home just like any other home. Just because a home has it’s own lot does not make it a great deal.
  4. The home may or may not be real property. This is determined by title. A search at the DMV (upon locating the serial number either from county records, county tax rolls, [SOMETIMES] on the tongue or front frame of the home, or on the data sheet usually located in a master bedroom closet or sometimes under the kitchen sink) will determine whether or not title has ever been turned in. If it has been turned in the home is considered real property, like a house. If not, someone, somewhere has title or rights to the title and you need to find them to ensure that you get title passed to you upon purchase. That’s another post for another day. SIDE NOTE: Just to clarify and not trying to be a jerk to another answer writer, but…the home’s serial number and date of manufacture is NOT on the data plate on the exterior of the home. That plate is the HUD Certification plate and though it has identification on there it is NOT the serial number used to fully identify the home and though some homes MAY have the date of manufacture on that data plate, I’ve never seen it.
  5. If you own the land you can remove the home and bring in another one or build a house in its place.
  6. If money is an issue then don’t just buy based on the fact that land is included in the sale as your sole purpose for identifying whether or not to buy a mobile home. Vet the home just like any other home and understand that including land makes any deal more valuable.

Sep 18, 2015

HOW TO RANK VIDEOS: Why Video Marketing Will be the SINGLE Most Important Factor in Your OVERALL Success through the year 2020.....and Yes, most likely there is a PUN intended.....

HOW TO RANK VIDEOS: Why Video Marketing Will be the SINGLE Most Important Factor in Your OVERALL Success through the year 2020.....and Yes, most likely there is a PUN intended.....


Video is what will drive the bulk of online user experience in the years to come, and is already dominating the ROI column, and rightfully so......

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Jul 7, 2015

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