Feb 4, 2015

Moving used mobile homes in the state of virginia, buying selling and transporting used trailers with Blue Ridge Transporting

How to move a mobile home in the state of virginia safely down the highway

The First thing to do is to go to www.TransportMobileHome.com for all your questions about transporting and moving mobile homes in Va

Blue Ridge Transporting is telling you everything you need to know about moving and transporting used mobile homes in virginia.  The Mobile Men of Blue Ridge Mobile Homes, Sam Parkins & Matthew Jaeger are starring in their own reality show all about moving mobile homes!  Join them all year as they show you all the important things you need to know about whether your home can be moved, how to prepare you trailer for transport, how to set up your mobile home and even episodes on how to remodel your used mobile home.  If you follow the Mobile Men, Matt and Sam, you are sure to learn all the "do's" and "don'ts" of "mobiling"!

Don't forget that anyone can own their own used mobile home with Blue Ridge Mobile Homes, and now Blue Ridge Transporting is moving them all over virginia for you!

Go to www.TransportMobileHome.com now to start watching all you need to learn about owning and moving your own used mobile home.  Transporting both single wide trailers and double wide used mobile homes.  Send in any and all of your questions and comments about used mobile homes and Matt & Sam at Blue Ridge will give you all the detailed answers, tips and mobile home advice you need.  We'll even make you your own custom video specifically addressing your question or concern if you'll take the time to write us, just put your email in the sign up box and give us your feed back!  

Anything and everything used mobile homes, that's the commitment of the Mobile Men at Blue Ridge Mobile Homes and Blue Ridge Transporting.